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Ahmad Tea’s Top 5 Bloggers

Posted on by Taha

Obviously, at Ahmad Tea we love a cuppa – and anything else remotely tea related for that matter. So, as you can imagine, our excitement was palpable when we discovered this lovely lot of bloggers who relish a good old cup of tea as much as we do.

1)     Tea in England

The brains behind Tea in England loves tea and its history so much that she has uprooted from Chicago, married a tea-loving Brit and moved across the pond to England. This UK Tea Council Tea Master class graduate is an expert in all things tea related, especially in relation to London; she can tell you how to get to the Ritz in time for afternoon tea. Tea in England was created to share all her knowledge and tea-related discoveries with the world.

Top tea fact: one story states that the cuppa was discovered by a Buddhist priest from India who chewed on tea leaves to help him stay awake during his sessions of meditation.


2)     The Tea Drinking English Rose

This whimsical blog documents the life and loves of Charlotte-Heather Wall, who aspires to live a Parisian life before running her very own tea room. You can expect to see plenty of pictures of vintage floral plates piled high with delectable pastries, recipes for home-made milkshakes and pasta dishes, plus step-by-step instructions on how to create your own handmade goods.

Top tea tip: nothing accompanies a cup of tea better than a Ladurée macaron.

3)     Cherished By Me

Mother of five Nova blogs about her chaotic life as a single mother, and how she likes to kick back in her rare moments of peace with a cuppa and a good book. An avid lover of all things food related, Cherished By Me also plays host to a load of wholesome recipes (many with a chocolaty twist thanks to this chocoholic’s sweet tooth).

Top tea tip: Try out the recipes in Retro Cakes and Cookies – they are the perfect tea time accompaniment.


4)     Whole Heartedly Healthy

Whole Heartedly Healthy follows the life of Laura and her love for music, yoga, healthy living and vintage fashion. This mother-to-be started her blog after losing weight and getting fit to provide motivation for others and gain encouragement in return. Now a certified health coach, Laura provides tips and recipes that aim to help people maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Word of wisdom: healthy living is about loving food, enjoying movement, caring for your body and leading a life that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning.


5)     Hungry Healthy Happy

Danii, the wordsmith behind Hungry Healthy Happy, has a passion for getting healthy and becoming happier at the same time. This blog is packed with recipes, health, weight loss and exercise tips to help you lose weight and keep it off. Danii is an expert in what she preaches, having lost a whopping 100lbs, and gives practical advice for every step of your weight loss journey.

Top tea tip: green tea is amazing, especially for weight loss as it boosts your metabolism and your immune system. Make a salad dressing with green tea powder, oil and vinegar or steam chicken with green tea rather than water for added health benefits.


We hope you enjoy exploring these top tea bloggers and if you have any tea blogs you think deserve to catch our eye then please let us know! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re always looking for new inspiration.

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Ahmad Tea’s Head Tea Taster: An Interview with William Manning

Posted on by Taha

Mr William Manning is a member of the British Tea Council and is the world’s leading expert with 35 years of experience. He has a rare profession as the Senior Tea Taster at Ahmad Tea and has created almost all of our blends.


1. Where did your love of tea first come from?
I can recollect my first love of tea as a young boy – it was my Mother who taught me how to make the perfect brew and the aroma from the dried leaf is a fragrance that I have recognised for many years.

2. How did you get to be in the role you’re in today?
Being born and raised in Hampshire, the private school that I attended was in a rural North Hampshire location. The largest employer in the nearest town to where I was schooled and lived was a major International tea company where I joined as a management trainee in 1973. It was there that I trained and developed my skills to become one of youngest tea buyers in the UK Tea Industry.

3. What does a typical workday consist of for you?
The typical working day consist of tasting and evaluating over 500 cups of tea.

4. What is the secret to being an excellent tea taster?
I attribute my skills to my strong sense of smell.

5. What is it about tea that you think is so exciting?
The Tea Industry is a fascinating community where tea is grown and manufactured in numerous countries employing almost 50 million people.

6. What makes a superior quality tea?
It is possible to make good tea from any tea growing area. Climatic conditions, elevation and good tea garden management are the critical elements required to make good tea.

7. What is it about Ahmad Tea that you love?
I feel very privileged as a Senior Manager to be working closely together with other Senior Managers and Directors who share the same enthusiasm, passion and relentless energy to achieve our goals.

There are few companies who brand such an extensive high quality range of blends as we do at Ahmad Tea and this in itself sets us a huge challenge and is extremely satisfying to realise how many of our customers enjoy our teas.

8. Which is your favourite Ahmad Tea blend at the moment and why? What is your favourite sweet treat to accompany it?
I enjoy many teas at different times of the day and all are favourites. Early morning tea is traditional English Breakfast with its strong malty flavour. Thereafter I enjoy a selection of more delicate lighter flavours such as English Tea No1, English Afternoon, Darjeeling and Jasmine.

I don’t eat many sweets but a good selection of cakes and cream teas are very enjoyable in the afternoon.

9. Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about becoming a tea taster?
The most important tip that I could give any youngster would be to listen very carefully and be guided by wisdom and knowledge usually offered by more experienced professionals. Tea is a vast subject with many parts involved in making it and as such you are forever learning.

10. If you could have afternoon tea with anyone in the world (alive or not) who would it be and why?
I have enjoyed afternoon tea with many of the leading figureheads in the Tea Industry and I very much enjoy the company of intelligent, knowledgeable professionals who have proven success in their field of expertise.

Political legends such as Indira Ghandi and Nelson Mandela would make for a very interesting afternoon tea session. As a keen traveller myself, explorers Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook would also be enlightening

11. Which is your favourite tea-drinking tradition from around the world?
There are many different tea-drinking traditions in different parts of the world. The most sophisticated one for me is in China, where after making your choice of tea from a vast selection, the first brew is made to cleanse the cups that you will drink the second brew from.

Learn more about tea tasting:

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Ahmad Tea’s Top 5 Instagram Fans in June

Posted on by Taha

Here at Ahmad Tea we love seeing photos from our followers on Instagram, you all lead such exciting and colourful lives! We especially love to see you sharing your love for Ahmad Tea. It’s been a tough choice but here are 5 of our top Instagram fans this month – enjoy!


Our first pick, @luvload, certainly has a love for all things food and children. Their Instagram feed combines mouth-watering aerial shots of their daily meals, beautifully organised and presented in a rustic deli style, with adorable snaps of their child discovering the world and capturing the joy that can be found in everyday experiences.  Here are some of our favourite photos:




Our next pick comes from @suheylanurfe, a Turkish lady who lives in the heart of St Petersburg. Her Instagram captures the stunning architecture of the city, along with beautiful landscapes and a peppering of indulgent posts that give her followers an insight into her taste personality. Here are a few of her best snaps:



@irina0707’s Instagram is a warm and homely feed that showcases her love of nature, trinkets, art and food – along with her adorable daughter. You can expect to see plenty of pretty landscapes, playful shots of her offspring exploring and tastefully arranged photos of food and items of interest that wouldn’t look out of place in a chic vintage boutique. Have a look at our pick of her shots:




Mia Vinalita Lim’s Instagram is a creative feast for the eyes. It transports you to a cosmopolitan world full of airy restaurants, bistro style food shot from jaunty angles, luxurious landscapes and all things pretty. It’s like wistfully flicking through the pages of a high end lifestyle magazine, well worth a look. If that hasn’t sold you these snaps will:




Last, but by no means least, is @tormenta2333 aka. Jane. Jane’s Instagram captures the stunning natural beauty of her native home Latvia. You can expect to scroll through various snapshots of rugged natural scenery, dispersed with examples of her culinary skills and her seemingly two favourite things flowers and tea! Take a look:



These are just a small sample of the fantastic photos our followers produce – keep snapping away because we love seeing what you’re up to, be it travelling the globe or having a relaxed cup of Ahmad Tea in your living room. We might feature you next time! Feel free to join us on Instagram at @AhmadTea!

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Recipe: Lemon & Poppyseed teacakes

Posted on by Hayley

For Mother’s Day this weekend (in the UK), why not treat your mum to some home-baked treats to enjoy with a nice pot of a tea.

We love this recipe for Lemon & Poppyseed tea cakes shared by Lindsey on her blog Burn Me Not

Makes 6 teacakes
2/3 cup cake flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
Pinch of salt
4 tbsp (1/2 a stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
2/3 cup granulated sugar, divided
2 large eggs, separated
1 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 1/2 tbsp poppy seeds
1/4 cup buttermilk

Preheat oven to 375°F/190°C. Spray 6 standard muffin cups with baking spray; set aside.

In a small bowl, sift together flour, baking soda, and salt; set aside. In a large bowl, using an electric mixer on medium speed, cream butter and 1/3 cup of sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg yolks, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in lemon juice, zest, vanilla, and poppy seeds until well combined. Add the flour mixture alternately with the buttermilk, combining the mixture well.

In another large bowl, beat egg whites until they hold soft peaks. Gradually beat in the remaining 1/3 cup of sugar, and beat until the meringue holds stiff peaks. Stir 1/4 of meringue into the cake batter and fold in the remainder gently but thoroughly.

For extra special tea-flavoured teacakes, try adding a teaspoon or two of Earl Grey loose tea to the mixture – the bergamot flavour compliments the lemon wonderfully.

Divide batter among prepared muffin cups. Bake 20-25 minutes or until tops are golden. Remove tea cakes from the pan immediately and cool on wire racks.

How will you be treating your mothers this Sunday?

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Share the gifts of tea and time this Mother’s Day

Posted on by Hayley

Next Sunday 30th March is Mother’s Day here in the UK, don’t forget!

Being a mum is a tough, round-the-clock job so Mother’s Day is important to remind us to say thanks to our mums for being there for us since day one.

Why not treat your mum to a lovely new tea set, and spend some quality time with her over a pot of tea?

This classic, vintage style teacup and saucer set is beautiful and will make teatime feel like a real luxurious treat!

Pair this lovely gift with an elegant caddy of Windsor Darjeeling loose leaf tea or our Tea Chest Four classical selection tin.

This simple, yet unique, handmade glass teapot and cup set is perfect for mums who like their tea a little less ordinary.

We’d recommend loose leaf Jasmine Green Tea to make use of the handy built-in infuser, or a nice colourful fruit tea such as Blackcurrant Infusion or Rosehip & Cherry.

A Le Creuset Breakfast Collection is a great, long-lasting gift that is sure to brighten up every morning tea with for years with its sunset-coloured, hardwearing, chip- and crack-resistant stonewear!

Include some English Breakfast teabags to help your mum have a great start to the day every morning.

Make your mum smile with this fun and quirky Edward Monkton teapot and a ‘Thank you Mum’ mug and something a bit different with a selection of our Fruit Black Teas, she’ll thank you for introducing her to something new!

If your mum is always on the go, offer her some of your time to help her out while enjoys a cup of tea and a sit down with this fab Cath Kidston London ‘tea for one’ set.

Partner this gift with an English Tea Time selection for an extra treat – this box includes a some delicious shortbread as well as our English Tea No. 1, English Breakfast and English Afternoon teas.

Whatever you decide to give to or do with your mums this Mothering Sunday, we hope you have a wonderful day!

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Ahmad Tea Instagram moments

Posted on by Hayley

With Instagram, we feel like we can share our fan’s special tea moments with them and we love seeing all the wonderful photos featuring Ahmad Tea shared by people all over the world!

Here are some of our most recent #ahmadtea favourites:

We love @giantvacum’s shot of an classic and elegantly simple teacup and saucer.

A cocktail of tea enjoyed by @moriko7777!

We see so many beautiful and quirky cups and mugs on Instagram like @sarahalkattan’s here.

Earl Grey has been a popular choice for Instagrammers such as @myo_ni recently.

@notemilyshaw posted this photo of an Ahmad Tea bus arriving in Tenessee!

We’d love to see photos of your Ahmad Tea moments. Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #ahmadtea so we can find them!

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Recipe: Earl Grey tea pancakes

Posted on by Hayley

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the day it is traditional to use up rich, fatty foods such as eggs, flour and milk before the fasting period of Lent begins by making… pancakes!!

What’s not to love about pancakes? Whether you favour thin English crêpe-like pancakes drizzled with lemon and dusted with sugar, fluffy American-style pancakes topped with crispy bacon, butter and syrup, or more adventurous recipes and accompaniments, Pancake Day is one day in the a year when it is widely acceptable to enjoy pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Well, why not?!

We came across this recipe for Earl Grey pancakes on I am a food blog and had to share it with our readers. We can’t wait to make a batch of these this evening!


Serves 2

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 Earl Grey tea bag
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon Earl Grey tea leaves (optional, but recommended!)
  • Butter and syrup to serve

What to do…

  • In a small saucepan, bring the milk and teabag to a gentle simmer. Remove from the heat and let the tea steep for 5 minutes.
  • Mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar in a bowl.
  • When the milk tea mixture is cool, remove the teabag, squeezing out as much liquid as possible.
  • Mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar in a bowl. When the milk tea mixture is cool, remove the teabag squeezing out as much liquid as possible.
  • Whisk the milk with the egg and vanilla.
  • Add the wet ingredients to the flour mixture and the loose tea leaves.
    Stir until just combined and let rest for 10 minutes
  • Heat up a non-stick frying pan over a medium-low heat. Brush a thin layer of butter or oil in the hot pan.
  • Drop about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the mixture at a time into the pan.
    Cook until tiny bubbles appear on the surface, about 2-3 minutes. Flip and continue cooking for 1-2 minutes.
  • Keep the cooked pancakes in a warm oven until you’re ready to serve with plenty of butter and syrup.

Will you be trying out tea-infused pancakes today, or do you have another recipe of your own?

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The history of Hyde Park

Posted on by Hayley

Hyde Park has always provided Londoners and visitors alike with a taste of the countryside within the city. This 19th Century painting, featured on our English Breakfast tea, confirms that this has been so for many years and shows the timeless appeal of the world-famous park; somewhere to ride horses or simply get some fresh air.

Hyde Park was originally created to satisfy a passion for hunting. Around 900 years ago, the area that is now Hyde Park was part of the Manor of Eia belonging to monks from Westminster Abbey and was roamed by deer, boar and wild bulls. in 1536, Henry VIII seized the manor and turned it into a hunting park where royal hunts and great banquets were held.

This tradition was continued with Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, but when Charles I was King, the park was opened to the public (1637) and it soon became a fashionable place to visit.

Read more at royalparks.org.uk about the history of Hyde Park and how it became the iconic park it is today, that is known and loved by London locals and tourists from all over the world.

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Birchbox subscribers discovering new Ahmad Tea blends

Posted on by Hayley

Subscribers of Birchbox in the US are discovering new Ahmad Tea blends in their monthly boxes at the moment.

Birchbox helps people find new lifestyle and beauty products by sending out boxes full of surprise samples, including things like nail polishes, moisturisers and tea.

We love being able to share our blends with people who haven’t tried them before, and pick up new fans along the way. We also love seeing photos of everyone’s Birchbox goodies on Instagram (some of our favourites below) and hearing from people who have enjoyed sipping the same tea that can be found at Buckingham Palace!

If you’re in the US, sign up to Birchbox to receive samples from some great brands each month, or you can also shop for Ahmad Tea there too!

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Competition: Win a Tea Chest Four to share with your Valentine

Posted on by Hayley

Valentine’s Day is a time to make the effort to share your love and time with someone special, and we believe that there’s nothing better than sharing tea with a loved one.

Over on our Facebook page we’re giving away two charming Tea Chest Four caddies. With four of our most popular classic blends in a beautiful gold caddy, it’s perfect for sharing!

All you have to is comment on this Facebook post and tell us who you would like to share a cup of tea with – whether it’s your spouse, a special family member, friend or idol – for a chance to win! We will be choosing two winners on Friday 7th February. T&Cs below.

- Valentine’s Tea Chest Four competition terms & conditions: -

1. Information on how to enter forms part of the terms of entry. Entry into the competition (liking and sharing the particular Facebook post) is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. By entering this competition, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, which may be amended or varied at any time by Ahmad Tea.

3. Only one entry per person is counted.

4. Winners are chosen at random from the pool of people who have commented on the specified post.

5. The competition closes at 3pm GMT on 7th February 2014.

6. Entry is open to Ahmad Tea fans in the UK and the United States aged 18 and over, excluding Ahmad Tea employees, their immediate families and anyone professionally connected with the promotion.

7. The winner will be notified by a comment on the entry post as well as announced on the Ahmad Tea Facebook wall.

8. In order to receive the prize, winners will need to send a private message to the Ahmad Tea Facebook page with their address and contact telephone number and the address of a friend to send the same prize to.

9. Ahmad Tea cannot be held responsible for any delays, loss or damages to the prize. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the prize will get to you by Valentine’s Day, but we’ll try!

10. The prizes are as stated and are non-transferable or exchangeable. No cash alternatives will be offered. If we are unable to provide the stated prize, Ahmad Tea reserved the right to award an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

11. Privacy Statement: We will only use and store your personal information for the purposes disclosed to you.This includes sharing it with the courier used to send your prize to you.

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